The Underground Girls Of Kabul Analysis

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In the book The Underground Girls of Kabul, there is a lot of social pressure going on. Social pressure is the influence that is exerted on a person or group by another person or group. Azita Rafaat dealt with social pressure both professionally and personally. Being a woman in the Afghan society is tough. They are heavily looked down upon if they give birth to a female. Sons are more highly valued, and they are the only ones who can inherit the father’s wealth, and pass down the name. If there is no male child in the family, the family is considered pity and contempt. Azita dealt with social pressure personally by feeling forced to have a son. Mrs. Rafaat faced constant pressure to try and try again to have a son but failed and ended up…show more content…
Our society is also often socially pressured into abusing drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, my oldest brother got pressured into abusing drugs for many years. While in school, he became friends with the wrong group of people and got influenced into doing this. He was someone I always looked up to when I was younger, and never in a million years did I think he would get into using drugs. It has been a constant, difficult, and exhausting battle for him. Not only did this affect him in many ways, but it also affected the people in his life who love, and care for him. You don’t know heartache until you watch someone you love suffer from an illness as extreme as addiction. He has gotten better in the past, but then temptation brought him back to his old ways. For the longest time, my brother was a straight A student, a black belt in karate, and went to church every Sunday. Nobody would 've ever thought that this type of kid would 've turned out to be addicted to drugs. I remember a few years ago feeling hatred toward him for not getting better, but as the years went on, I realized that no one can help him if he did not want to help himself. As of today, he is doing better than ever and has come so far. He got the help he needed, and I could not be any more happy. He has been clean for a little
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