The Undying James: A Short Story

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As Joey was tinkering with his magic cannon inside his room, one of his friends suddenly pushed open his door and shouted. “James, and his wife are inside the city! The Undying James is here!” Joey had an evil grin on his face, he had been training and preparing for this day. This information was considered by many as a highly classified one. All of them, mainly those who hated James to the core knew what The Undying James mean. When the chaos started 100years ago, a deadly virus spread all over like a deadly plague. The dead arose from their slumber and whichever get bitten joins their ranks. Except for those who were recently born, everyone knew who The Undying James was, he is one of those mutant humans comparable to an immortal entity. They had no sharp fangs or horns, but they are destruction themselves. James was just like any others, a human. Although far from being a normal human, for some reason he obtain such powers which no one could properly explain where it came from. “Dan has just given me a call. He will never let this chance go by” Joey’s friend said. “We cannot defeat this monster directly, Gil. We have already tried everything, from swords, spears, lances, claymores, arrows, and poisons. James just swats them away with his…show more content…
He has took far many lives. So many that we and our fathers and grandfathers couldn’t even count, we may have dealt with those brainless dead easily, but monster like him… The Plague that was brought by that ball of fire couldn’t even affect him, no matter how many times he get bitten by the undead, he couldn’t be affected like how we normal humans turn into a walking corpse when we get bitten. They live while many die because of the Plague. His existence is unnatural, and I must use unnatural means to restore balance.” Joey was determined. “Enough explanation. If James is currently staying in an inn near us, then let us get ready, time is of the

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