The Unequal Inequality

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Abstract: There are unequal privileges shared by men and women in the United States workforce. Throughout history human civilization have seen a revolution in the role of women up until modern society, where it is perceived as equal. However, although it might be invisible, an inequality gap still exists and acts as a glass ceiling for women. This research paper will be focusing primarily on the sociological and psychological factors that contribute to this difference in privilege. Different forms of research were conducted in order to thoroughly present credible results in support of the proposed hypothesis; these research materials will include quantitative and qualitative resources with extensive secondary data analysis. Hypothesis: Women are less privileged in the United States’ work force in today’s society than men. This phenomenon is associated with a wide range of sociological & psychological factors within society and developed throughout history. This research paper will be focusing on the privileges men and women share in the work force, while highlighting the key sociological factors behind the unequal distribution of equality and privileges among them. The role of women in the professional work force has seen an increase in demand over the past decades into what can be seen by the overlooking eye as an equal share of privileges between men and women. It is indeed tempting to think that civilization has brought itself to such a point. The equality of

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