The Unfaithful Old Man Exposed In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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The short story, “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne explains about a man named Goodman Brown who went into the forest leaving his loving wife home. He was afraid of forest because of the Indians, but he still went into the wood. As he walks through the forest, he met an old man who knew the truth of his dad and his grandfather. Goodman Brown always believed his family were the most cleaned and faithful Christians, and he will be the first one to break that faith. The old man told Brown that his dad and his grandfather drank wine and did many sin with him. Brown could not still believe this truth, but he kept following this unfaithful man into the woods. As they kept going, Goodman Brown met a woman who taught him his catechism. When he met this woman, he was afraid of her judging him. He was scared that this woman will think that he was going through the wood with unfaithful old man. However, he did not have to worry about her because she was as unfaithful like him. She decided to follow them through the wood. As they kept walking, Goodman Brown sat down on the stump of a tree, and denied moving one more step. He tells the old man that why should he follow this unfaithful woman, and leave his dear wife. Old man tells Brown that he will think better about this, and old…show more content…
Goodman Brown always believed he and his family were most faithful and holy. This cannot be true because the real faithful person will not fear what others thought. When Goodman Brown went into the wood, he was afraid that he will meet people from his village, and that they will think that he is unfaithful man. Also, to be real faith, it needs to be strong faith. Just out of fear, people should not drop their belief. Goodman Brown fear that the devil will come to him in the wood. he should not have even be afraid of devil if he had strong faith. In this story, Goodman Brown meets the standard of weak and fake

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