The Unfortunate Victims Of Fate In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The Unfortunate Victims of Fate The teenage brain on love has proven to be a lethal addiction. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, two star crossed lovers suffer from the consequences of their families’ blood thirsty feud. After falling for each other at a gathering, Romeo and Juliet are attached and seem inseparable, as displayed by their impulsive and thoughtless behavior throughout the play. Despite their efforts to escape the wrath of their quarreling families, The Capulets and The Montagues, the dread between the two houses proves too strong, as both lovers’ lives come to an end. With the tool of language and irony, Shakespeare highlights a set amount of characters who contributed to making this play come to a tragic halt. From the several guilty characters in Shakespeare’s tragic work, Romeo, the Friar, and Fate are most culpable. The likelihood of a successful marriage was certainly ambiguous considering Romeo’s impetuous behavior. It is evident that Romeo’s engulfment in love overtakes his ability to act in accord to logic. Let alone his passion for Juliet, this young man involves himself in a fight resulting with blood on his guilty hands. After invoking a battle with his enemy, “Tybalt, here slain, whom…show more content…
From one impulsive and mindless action to the other, Fate also came into play, better being described as chance. After Romeo gained information about the Capulet Ball after chancely encountering the illiterate servant, he so suddenly falls deeply in love with Juliet, which only pulls Friar into matters and he even refuses to act responsibly. All of these ideas together act as a powerful driving force towards the end of the two lovers’ lives. As unfortunate as it is, Romeo and Juliet remain in our history, however their legacy depicting the power of teenage lovers will live on for ages to
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