The Ung Family Stealing Analysis

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What would you do if you had no money, no food and no home? How would you survive? How world you or your family help each other to survive? To answer these you must see into longs eyes and read her story of survival and stealing. This story is about longs and stealing for survival. The Ung family stealing from many different people and stores and even farms. This was happening because the Ung family doesn't have a lot of money to buy food and they need it to survive. This was happening in the 1970s. How this is happening because the mother has no money in pa is dead. The only for them to survive is for the Ung family to keep fighting. The author demonstrates how the Khmer Rouge uses the techniques of making the people starve in order to steal food for their family. Stealing can make a big in back…show more content…
Stealing is bad in many ways, but if you need the item bad you must take some sacrifices. Starving can some the urge to steal for survival for food. It's a bad deed to steal, but do what's necessary to live your life when you have the food to have. Longs stole rise from Geek because she was very hungry that night. In the middle of the night she got up and took some rice and fed it to her hungry mouth. The next morning Geek was crying for food, but she didn't have any. Long was screaming in her mind that she stole it, but no one knew who it was that stole Geeks food that night when people were asking who stole the food. "My hand reach in and took out a handful of uncooked rice and quickly shoved it into my hungry mouth before anyone woke up and made me put it back"( Ung 90). This means that Long to steal because she was in need of food and starving to death. She regrets stealing from Geek because she knows that Geek needs the food more than she does. She feels so bad for making her little brother starve. She wishes that she has never had done that to Geek. Starvation is terrible it changes your mind set to do things that you normally do not do in your normal
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