The Unique Role Of Federalism In The United States

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What is Federalism? Federalism is a unique form of government of government that shaped Americas’ Constitutional policies and helped form its political structure. Having different types of governments in America like, (State and National Governments) we ask the question “who is in charge?” The word federalism comes from the Latin root foedus, which means “treaty, compact, or covenant”. Federalism is a method of Government that allows two or more entities to have control over the same domestic area. Federalism can be seen in many of the first forming’s of America’s government and how it separates powers from each level of government. Some of the main ideas of federalism can be seen in America’s founding documents like U.S Constitution and The Articles of Confederation, which did the…show more content…
One problem was some of these founding first documents did not specifically explain some of the major functions of government like national army or the power to tax. To help the U.S Constitution was ratified and adopted. (pg.63) Federalism in the Constitution Federalism is one of the major ideas of the U.S Constitution. In beginning America, the states always struggled with one another on the forming of a single national level government. That was the purpose of the Constitution; to classify what powers state and national government would have. On March 1, 1781 the Articles of Confederation were adopted. The articles outlined America’s first national government. The Articles granted the confederation congress authority over foreign policies. Another aspect is that it also limited some of its powers to. Congress could
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