The Unitary And Centralized System Of Government

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Mohammed Al Surayyi Professor Smith POL223 14 March 2015 The Unitary or Centralized system of government may be defined as the government which has all the powers to make decision for the whole of the nation and the main decision of international affairs and the national security are formed by the central government where the powers are flowed down to the states and the subgroups for successful implementation of the policies or decisions. The decisions related to the interest of the states are formed by the state governments and other subordinates. In this way, decisions and actions are governed by one central body and so it is known as centralized system of government. The confederation system of government is the type of government where the central government has less power as compared to the state or regional government. The state government deals with security, finance, etc. policies and decision making and form policies and decision which are in the interest of their own region whereas central government just governs the proper functioning of the system and resolve trade related issues, tax collection, etc. This type of government is known as confederation system of government. The federal system of government is the type of government where the powers of the state and central government are divided and they are connected by the national government. The division of powers and activities are governed by the constitution. The state government have all the powers related

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