Centralized System Of Government Essay

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Mohammed Al Surayyi
Professor Smith
14 March 2015
The Unitary or Centralized system of government may be defined as the government which has all the powers to make decision for the whole of the nation and the main decision of international affairs and the national security are formed by the central government where the powers are flowed down to the states and the subgroups for successful implementation of the policies or decisions. The decisions related to the interest of the states are formed by the state governments and other subordinates. In this way, decisions and actions are governed by one central body and so it is known as centralized system of government.
The confederation system of government is the type of government where
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The Ohio Bank v United States of America case is an example of the nullification attempt by Ohio where state government denied to accept the decision formed in case of McCullouch v Maryland case and so, Ohio took $100,000 from national bank of America but later the Supreme Court held the Ohio’s tax and said it is unconstitutional and case was closed after controversies.
The South Carolina case for nullification is another example of the nullification where the nullification of the law was proved right and the new legislation was passed for south Carolina state for the no tariff and the federal law was not applicable for that state for that particular law. The northern states were developing through industrialization but the agricultural region of southern states were not and imposing import tariffs would help industries to produce their own goods but for southern states the raw material import cost also increased and so it directly effects the southern states. So, a lot of southern states demanded for nullification of law and the law was amended for southern

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