The United Nations: Father Of Peacekeeping In Canada

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The United Nations (UN) is a collective of countries from different nations that have come together to make peace in this world by avoiding wars. In January 1942, the name United Nations was invented by the President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt and as of two months ago, its been 70 years since the United Nations was officially founded. In October 24 1945 the UN was established because the League of Nations has failed to prevent World War ll. The League of Nations was formed after World War l, to promote peace in the world and prevent the outbreak of another major war. It also gave people hope that the world would recover from the Great War. There are 193 countries as UN members and 5 of those are- China, the UK, Russia, the United…show more content…
Canada has contributed a generous amount to the United Nations but recently it has been going downhill as the UN peacekeeping has increased. As a leader of Canada, Lester B Pearson has done the most with the United Nations. He started off his United Nations career as a member of the Canadian delegation. His most significant diplomatic accomplishment is when Pearson won the nobel peace prize in 1956 for his work during the Suez Crisis. And for that he earned the title father of peacekeeping.

There are numerous articles that agree that Canada is better off not doing peacekeeping missions and some that argue its better if Canada weren 't in the United Nation at all. For example on October 31, 2014 the Toronto Star wrote an article on why they think that Canada has abandoned the role of being a peacekeeper. One of their reasons was that Canada 's usual troops that were being sent to third world countries have now been changed with other countries
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John Baird gave a speech explaining how over the course of years fewer countries have participated in missions but still fund the United Nations. Baird also touched upon the issue at the Central African Republic saying that we should “not look back when it’s too late and wonder if we really did enough.” and even then Canada still pays millions of dollars but do little action. Canada’s most recent main mission was in 2000, for a couple of years the government sent 450 military soldiers to the boarders of Eritrea and

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