The United States: The Different Models Of Federalism

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Jingyu Ge POL 1101 Professor Michael McCabe 9/21/17 Different Models of Federalism Federalism is one of the primary national structures, mainly used in larger countries. Since there are more conflicts exist in larger countries, the effects of federalism will be better. The United States also uses federalism as its national structure, which can be characterized as American federalism which has different features in different periods of times. The composition of any country is not just designed by the leaders’ own minds, but based on the situation of the country, such as economy, religion, and culture. The federalism can also be thought as a kind of confederation, which is essentially an indivisible and permanent form of sovereignty. Since the time of colonials, colonial pioneers have united to build a federally local government, which can be seen as the basic form of federalism. It is obvious to discover that the American federalism is a natural evolve process-from the bottom to the top, from the small to the large. Just as the state government was built before the federal government. Every state had its power, so all the political rights could not be completely centralized to the central government. As for the local government has been independent of the beginning, implemented its own policies and formed its own habits, the development of American federalism has been extremely stable and rapid. In the hundreds of years of history in the United States, with the

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