The Universal Theme In William Blake's 'I Heard An Angel'

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Is material things in life more important than love ones? To fully understand what Blake is showing, you must first break down the poem stanza by stanza. Also, you must know what happen at that time Blake wrote the poem. After the analysis, you can see the connections that Blake makes about what 's going on in his lifetime, the universal theme is trying to make the world a better place by always having mercy.

The Universal theme of this poem is,trying to make the world a better place by always having mercy, pity, and peace,. The theme because in numerous ways Blake show us throughout the poem “I Heard An Angel”.

The universal theme because in the poem although these three words are being repeated, Blake is trying to show something to the readers about mercy, pity, and peace. For example in stanza one Blake uses these words as life tools that you should keep. In stanza 5 Blake uses the words as “Down poured the heavy rain” represents the parents or elders. Also the “New reaped grain” represents the children. This represents the elders teaching children to always have mercy, pity, and peace. And the rain is the the helps the children remember to have these life tools.The literary device being used is symbolism and a little diction. Blake uses this literary device throughout the poem. Some examples of symbolism being used in the poem is
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Lastly, stanza 5 blake uses Mercy, Pity, and peace. It explains that the elders teach the children and make sure that they grow up without forgetting these important life tools. It shows that the miseries of mercy, pity, and peace will increase. In a biblical view it shows that during the day while the angel was singing it gave people faith and feel protected.At night the devil send his cures and people doubt God, this is why heaven frowned on the earth.This is also like in the bible where God flooded the Earth and caused everyone to die and start with a new population and teach people over and over about mercy, pity, and

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