The Unknown Cause Of Mental Disorder (ADHD)

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Contrary to popular belief, ADHD has several differing causes, and also has many unknown causes. Living with a disorder is not easy for anyone, especially for school aged students. No one chooses the cards they are given in life, and the only way to continue on is to accept what life offers. On a daily basis, more and more people are diagnosed with ADHD, and as a result medication can be prescribed. It is said that currently about two students in each classroom across the nation have ADHD (Brown). It can be difficult to comprehend ADHD for those who are unaffected. Mankind is generally curious about unknown causes to various diseases and disorders, and how health affects peoples lives differently. Understanding each other is crucial, but not…show more content…
Being unable to make friends due to hyperactivity and fighting to focus on school is common for a child with ADHD. Coming from the little boy’s mother, she described him as a kindhearted boy trapped in a body he cannot not control. His high energy takes over, and turns him into someone that ignores the rules and has uncontrollable impulses. After battling with ADHD for six months, the elementary school contacted his parents to set up a meeting. As a result, he began seeing a pediatric occupational therapist, and later started medication. Just because someone has ADHD does not mean they are stupid. ADHD has been an ongoing issue in school systems across the nation. In fact, there are people with all different intellectual levels who suffer from ADHD (Brown). In this situation, teachers noticed a problem and acted upon it due to their prior education and knowledge. When children are diagnosed with ADHD, parents and teachers tend to look at the child as if they are damaged, when in reality it is just a disorder they suffer from. Some children simply cannot mature or learn the correct ways to act as opposed to other children. Some parents choose to support the disorder or instead will reject the idea and blame the school…show more content…
A metaphor used to describe this feeling is, “people with ADHD as prisoners” (Danforth and Kim). Those who are already diagnosed with ADHD are considered brilliant, having a sixth sense, and are highly imaginative (Hallowell). Once ADHD is a known diagnosis, it becomes easier to control. Teachers also play a large role due to the amount of time kids spend at school. The idea that children have bad parents, bad doctors, bad teachers, and attend bad schools if they have ADHD. Sometimes, it is easier to blame someone rather than accept the truth and move forward. Medication is not the only answer, and there are other ways to “free” people (Danforth and Kim). Often times, parents can jump to conclusions thinking that medication will solve all problems. This goes to show that people cannot stay trapped in their minds. Many things are controlled by the environment, and misconceptions happen constantly. Treatment and different therapies are available to keep the good behavior present and to “turn down the noise” (Hallowell). Living with ADHD isn’t a bad thing, it is just another daily challenge to
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