The Unlikely Romance Of Kate Bjorkman Essay

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In the story “The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman” the setting takes place in a big house that is going through a cold and snowy December located in St Paul, Minesoda around Christmas time, and within that big splendid house there resides our main charactar Kate Bjorkman. She is 6ft tall, wears glasses, and is 17 and like all teenagers she will struggle with many things such as: friends, school, her appearence, and having a crush on her brothers’ ,Bjorn, best friend, Richard. Liking your brothers best friend is not to easy and Kate learns that as she writes a romantic novel about her life when her brother and Richard stay over for the holidays. What will happen when people get in he way of Kate and Richard’s soon to be romance? Will Kate get her Christmas wish?

When Bjorn arrives he brings along his beautiful wife, Trish, and his best friend Richard and shockingly Richard brings along a beautiful girl with him ,Fleur, and instantly Kate becomes jealous of their relationship but as the story goes on Kate realizes that they are just very close friends and that Kate has nothing to worry about, that was until Kate’s bestfriend, Ashley, comes to stop by to wish the Bjorkman’s
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This wasnt a hard book to read and was easy to keep up with all the detail and dialouge that appeared on every page. There was nothing confusing about this story. The auother really knew where the story was going and how every bit of dialouge counted and had a reason of being said. From reading many teenage love story this isnt that different from them all because they all have the same elements of climax like when Kate gets jealous when Richard brought Fleur along. Finally being done with the story i have to say my favorite part was when Richard took Kate ice skating alone, just the two of them and he couldent skate very well so Kate had to help him. This is definitely a new favorite of
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