The Unrealist Art Style Of Sidney Nolan's Art

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Task 1

1. Sidney Nolan
2. Sidney Nolan painted pictures using the surrealist art style.
3. Sidney Nolan mostly painted picture on canvas in acrylic paints. He had also created sculptures such as the ' Rainbow snake ' .
4. Sidney Nolan created his art from 1941-1992
5. He was born 22 April 1917 in Carlton Victoria and died 28th November 1992 . He was the eldest of four children and grew up in a middle class family. He work for fayrefield hats making advertising display for 6 years from the age for 16. Nolan studied at Hide (1941-1947). Nolan was one of the loading arts at the 20th century. He is best known for his series of paintings on legends of Australia history such as the Ned Kelly series. He stylised an image of Ned Kelly 's armor that become an Australian icon.
6. Surrealism began in the 1990s and continue on today. Surrealism express real things in an unreal way to express the workings of the artist 's subconscious and inner feelings.
7. The death of constable scanlon
This painting was created in 1946 and is due in an enamel paint on composition board. The story behind the painting is a true stay about Ned Kelly and how Ned Kelly constable scanlon. 'He was in the act of firing again when Ned Kelly fined , and scanlon fell from him horse and died almost immediately '. It really like this picture I like the way it uses different kinds of surreal and Neal art.It really has that Australian natural outback look and yet has a super modern look for Ned Kelly.........

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