The Untouchables: Famous Gangster Al Capone

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Eliot Ness, born April 19, 1903, in, Chicago, Illinois, knew little of what he was going to do. When he grew up, he went to the University of Chicago majoring in commerce, and law and political science. Eliot Ness led a law enforcement group, during the Prohibition Era in 1930-1931, called the “Untouchables”. They’re called “The Untouchables” because they couldn’t be bribed unlike other police men.

Elliot Ness is responsible for turning Cleveland, Ohio around in the mid-1930's. When he was working in Chicago's Justice Department, he received an assignment to bring down the infamous mobster Alphonse Capone. Al Capone was a well-known mobster by the end of 1928. Capone was a massively wealthy crime boss in the Chicago Mafia or Chicago Mob. They made about sixty million dollars per year by bootlegging, operating twenty illegal breweries, and controlling the sale of liquor to over ten-thousand bars. Anyways back to Eliot Ness. Ness and nine other agents from “The Untouchables” successfully captured and stopped the operations of breweries run by Capone. This was Ness's most recognized achievements.
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The death of Eliot Ness was caused by a heart attack on May 5, 1957. A little fun, but sad fact is that Eliot Ness died 17 days after his 54th
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