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Does the means justly the end and what defines the point death? Is it when you stop breathing? Or when you are buried six feet down? Scientifically, the point at which complete cessation of all bodily functions. Now, if a person were to be surgically disassembled in such a way that kept all the bits and pieces intact and alive through organ donation, is this death? Scientifically, the answer is no. As the individual cells, organs, and bodily functions are still alive and in use. Morally though, is the cause of concern. Society is and always will be a thing of results. Telling people about something is much harder to convince people than showing them firsthand. As such society as a whole like to forget the details in favor of that which improves…show more content…
Having a grasp of psychology and an intent to make the reader question their morals he does a fantastic job of this. In book one of unwind, we meet the main characters of Connor and Risa, the former the typical rebellious teen and the other a musical prodigy abandoned to the state board home. Both of whom are being sent to be unwound. Now in this world the author established unwinding is as common as a medical checkup. Having been established due to the heartland war or second American civil war, on top of the massive amounts of orphaned teens and young who became homeless and for lack of a better word feral. To bring piece the two sides signed a peace treaty. In this treaty a section allowed for unwinding, the retroactive abortion of offspring up to the age of 18. Though with moral right and wrong with the book just as in real life we see that greed, money, and power have a way of making people forget their morals and trick the masses into accepting it as a semblance of…show more content…
In the book key points are shown of how the laws regarding unwinding are being steadily broadened and enforced. At one point the law allowed not just for the retroactive abortion of troublesome teens but also criminals, deviants, foreign illegal, and even volunteers. As Joseph Stalin once said “Death is the solution to all problems. No man, No problem”. I feel that the author was able to show how society was blinded by the results into looking the other way as corporations and the government eliminated elements that were dangerous to their established power and money through unwinding. When the main characters were on the run a scene played out where a protester stating that even though the amendment stated criminals had the choice of voluntarily being unwound, the state had the final say in the matter over their lives. As such if something looks too good to be true something is probably

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