The Unwind Character Traits

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In the novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman, there are a lot of characters with a lot of different personalities. The main character Connor shows many different traits that make him above the others. When Connor has to choose over running away or giving up and getting unwound (killed) he choses to run. He gets pretty far until he ends up getting caught because he left his phone on. Although he may have been caught he wasn't captured and still had a trick up his sleeve. He ends up running into the streets and sees a boy in a car who will soon become one of his partners his name Lev. With a window rolled down Connor pulls up the lock and takes him out. They then struggle because cops are shooting tranquilizer darts and they make a bus crash. They meet a girl that was also getting unwound and they all share one common goal and that is running from the cops. Connor portraits a lot of different adjectives and that is how he got away. One thing that you could definitely say about Connor is that he is smart, street smart. As stated in the text,“ He reaches for his tranq pistol, but it's not there. Instead he feels its muzzle against his left thigh, and he sees triumph in the Unwind’s dark, vicious eyes. ‘Nighty night,’ the Unwind says. A sharp pain in the…show more content…
He exerts this on (page 62) when he says,“ Going against all sense of self preservation, Connor bolts straight for the porch.” This is when Connor goes and takes the baby from the step of the house that was stroked. He did this because he cared for the baby's well being and didn't want anything to happen to it. Another example of how Connor is caring is on (page 253) states,“ ‘I know what to do,’ says Connor. ‘I'll take care of it.’ ” Connor had to risk his life to save the Admiral and he did. He ended up in the harvest camp because he had to get the Admiral to the hospital. Connor has a lot more traits that show his mixed up
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