The Upsides Of Selfies: Social Media

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In the last twenty years, technology and social media have taken over the globe. Technology has enabled people to connect with each other; they can connect through email, text, or social networking sites. Since this phenomenon of being easily connected has occurred a significant amount of controversy has sparked. A few argue that social media is excellent while the majority of critics argue social media is having a negative effect on people. Two articles in which discuss the different effects of social media are “I Tweet, Therefore I am” and “The Upsides of Selfies: Social Media isn’t all bad for kids” by Peggy Orenstein and Kelly Wallace respectively. Peggy Orenstein is an author of the New York Times best-sellers Cinderella Ate My Day and Waiting for Daisy. In her article “I Tweet Therefore I Am”, Orenstein argues how social media have negatively impacted how people live their life. Kelly Wallace is a television journalist who currently reports for CNN. She argues that social media is not as terrible and has a significant amount of benefits, especially for young adults, in her article “The Upsides of Selfies: Social Media isn’t all bad for kids.” Orenstein and Wallace…show more content…
The author uses pathos in her argument to allow the reader to relate to her experiences with technology. Orenstein describes a summer day she spent out with her daughter as they were “snacking on apricots” listening to a download on the grass. It was a “quintessential summer moment,” however she was not in the moment; she realized it was a perfect opportunity for a tweet (Orenstein) . Today, people are not enjoying the simple pleasures of life as a result of their mind being online. No one can function without wondering what they could post online; people are disconnected from their life. (Now relate it back to how it was an effective use of
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