The Bermuda Triangle: The Devil's Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle, also referred to as the Devil?s Triangle is one of the biggest mysteries of our time. It is a section of the Atlantic Ocean which is known as a strange sea where a number of ships and planes have disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and which extends from Florida to the islands of Bermuda to Puerto Rico and then back to the east coast of Florida. Many stories and famous ships are connected to this Triangle legend and many authors wrote about the strange accidents in that region. In despite of the unexplained and paranormal incidents, there is still speculation as to what might have happened before long time.
Some authors wrote about the reasons behind the disappearance about these ships and planes. They suggested it might be due to a strange magnetic anomaly that affects compass readings. In fact, Columbus noted this when he sailed through the area in 1492. Others, concluded that methane eruptions from the ocean might suddenly be causing the ship to sink. The term ?Bermuda Triangle? was first used by Vincent Gaddis in 1964. In his article, Gaddis claimed that in this strange sea ships and planes had disappeared without explanation. In early 1952, Georges Sands, a reporter, came out to this conclusion and noted that an unusual large number of accidents had happened in that
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All the losses which had occurred in that triangular area that lay between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda were related to unexplained and paranormal incidents where there had been too much speculation, little evidence and precious few facts about this extraordinary myth. So many argue that the Bermuda Triangle isn?t a true mystery where the weather in this region can make traveling hazardous, the summer brings hurricanes and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream promote sudden storms. Hence, it isn?t surprising that this large number of accidents could occur in the absence of hard
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