The Use And Gratification Theory Of Facebook And Social Media

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The uses and gratifications approach, one of the popular mass communication theories, severs as a theoretical background for this study. The U&G approach focuses on the goal of the receiver, not the goal of the communicator (Severin & Tankard, 2001). In another way, the audiences use the media to fulfill certain needs. This approach is one of the most cited communication theories as best tool for analyzing new media technologies (Ebersole, 2000). Katz, Blumler, &Gurevitch (1974) argue that the gratifications approach dates back to the empirical studies on mass media research in 1940s.
Facebook as a Social Media: In 2008, the social concept of Facebook is most probably the uses and gratifications theory was employed to scrutinize most evident one and that’s why it is often referred to as friend-networking sites like Facebook and the results a Social Networking Site. The term ‘Social Network Site’ determined that the users meet uses and gratification instead of ‘Social Networking Site’ is suggested to be using the sites and it affects social and communication used because ‘Networking’ would suggest that the needs. In 2009, another study also applied uses and primary purpose of these sites is to be introduced to gratification theory to analyze the issues using social strangers, which is not the case even if it is possible. networking sites like Facebook. Therefore, it is defined that Social Network Sites as: “web-In recent years, there has been a growing number of based

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