The Use Of Cell Phones In Education

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Most of the world is woken by their favourite ringtone on their electronic devices and over a third of an average adult’s day is spent using these devices to more effectively perform essential functions for work, entertainment, household chores or talking to loved ones. Whilst adults are as dependent on their devices as children, it 's absurd to deny our children the infinite educational resources available to them at the mere swipe of a finger. Whilst several people have argued that using mobile phones will be a distraction in lessons, they have to realise that mobile phones have multiple educational uses, promote communication and encourage the responsible use of technology in school.

Firstly, whilst mobile phones may be a distraction to some children, it allows unlimited access to a vast volume of information and educational resources which are invaluable to students as they research and learn in school. Today, there are several applications for you to do almost anything, not just to make calls and text. You can draw on your phones for art, to making interactive videos about The Quantum Theory in Science, to record a debate in English, and take down notes which can be accessed read and edited any time. Aren’t these productive ways of using our precious time, benefiting our education whilst at the same time saving so much paper? Electronics has become an undeniably essential part of our lives, Can you, an adult, survive without the wonderful services your phone
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