The Use Of Connotative Words In Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

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Edgar Allen Poe is obviously a well-known author who know how to grab the reader’s attention with a crazy twists and tones in a matter of second. His poem “The Raven” uses negative connotative words in his writing to portray a dreary, agitated, and twisted tone. The use of those words shows how he feels throughout his own story. The words that are used also decide how the reader feel in the situation. The negative connotative words that give a dreary tone are used in lines 1, 3, and 13. Dreary would let off a sad and solitary tone through the way it has always been portrayed. Poe clearly states that he was napping and isn’t exactly in the mood for visitors. Negative connotations that give the agitated tone are used in lines 5, 33, and 62.
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