The Use Of English As A Medium Of Instruction In Botswana

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In the past decades the use of English as a medium of instruction has been advocated in many countries, including Botswana. As mentioned by De Wet (2009:pg. 119), “English language has become the dominant medium of instruction in Southern Africa”. Botswana is a multilingual and multicultural nation with 28 languages spoken in the country. Despite its linguistic diversity Botswana recognizes only two languages of instruction: Setswana which is the national language and English as a foreign language. English is the official language in Botswana and is used in the secondary domain cluster functioning as the language of education, government administration, the judiciary, science and technology, trade and industry, and the media. Setswana is the national language but has limited use in some of the secondary domain clusters such as education, government administration, the judiciary and the media. However, it still primarily functions in primary domain clusters as a language spoken by family, friends, in religion, in the local markets, domestic service, and in traditional social institutions and events. Other local languages such as Ikalanga, Shiyeyi, and Sekgalagadi to mention but a few function strictly within primary domain clusters. Although researchers have unearthed the challenges of such a policy, the legacy of using two languages of instruction has been carried on before independence. Due to modifications in the educational policies, code switching has received much

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