The Use Of Film Editing In Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

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Alfred Hitchcock is well-known producer and creator of more than fifty films. His techniques of film editing creates unique reaction and tension within audience during all his movies. These unique techniques can be viewed in one of the famous and classical thriller film “Psycho”. Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” could be one of the iconic films of modern cinematograph. Psycho is a film with interesting and exciting plot, outstanding visual effects and, especially, with great soundtrack. The film effectively shows how through combination of such elements as visual techniques with sound effects and the use of characters could be achieved the idea of murder and schizophrenia.
Psycho is based on the book written by Robert Block, and that book in turn is based on a true story. This story is about horrible mass murder committed by a serial killer Ed Gein. This man was a middle-aged farmer who had suffered a traumatic childhood. His father was a violent drunk, and his mother was a Lutheran who taught him most women were prostitutes (The Motion Picture Editors Guild, 1998). Consequently, Hitchcock was inspired by this serial killer and created a character in the film whose name is Norman Bates, because they both have similar psychological problems and traumatic childhoods.
Alfred Hitchcock decided to make a good low budget black and white movie and bought the film rights from Bloch for nine thousand dollars. The film was black and white because Hitchcock thought the film would be "too
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