The Use Of Force Summary

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The story “The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams is a fiction in which the author uses one of the characters to narrate the speaker’s thought. Mathilda puts up a stiff opposition against the narrator, Dr. Olson, as he tries to carry out a medical procedure known as a throat culture. According to Children’s, “a throat culture is a microbiological procedure for identifying disease-causing bacterial organisms in material taken from the throat” aim at “identifying the specific bacterial organisms that are causing a sore throat” ( There are four things that caught my attention which I will like to share you. To begin, the first thing that caught my attention was the title, “The Use of Force.” Why title story “the use of force”? What is the message the author wants the reader to take away? If the author was an African, sure he would not have titled the story “the use of force”.…show more content…
Provocation is something most professionals will not tolerate, but the doctor in this story was able to keep things under control. Nobody will accept defeat of any kind. This we can see after Mathilda was left with a sense of defeat, she changed from a defensive to an offensive approach as the doctor reveals, “now truly she was furious. She had been on the defensive before, but now she attacked. Tried to get off her father's lap and fly at me while tears of defeat blinded her eyes.” To conclude, “The Use of Force” in an interesting story with a happy end for three characters while the fourth character is left with a sense of defeat. However, it is unfortunate the story ended just after the diagnosis, but I can imagine Mathilda became the happiest person after her treatment. Therefore, the use of force in this piece is ethically correct understanding how deadly diphtheria
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