The Use Of Irony In A Good Story By Sherman Alexie

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In the story “ A Good Story” by Sherman Alexie, a boy’s mother suggests her son writes a happy story about Indians. The boy tells his mother that if she wants a good story then she has to listen. Just as the critic Joshua B. Nelson explains that Sherman Alexie uses irony to get his goal across; I agree that some people are having difficulty understanding the author.
Junior started the story with a man who goes by uncle Moses and the house he lives in. Admittedly, the house is the United States and Moses is all the Indians who had their land stolen from them. Junior describes the house to have “no foundation” and the only thing people will remember is that an old man named Moses lived there. Another way to put this idea into perspective is that Americans only know a part of the story that happened to Indians.When the author introduces the beginning of the story it illustrates how the Indians felt about the issue of their land being taken over. When Alexie argues the fear the Indians had, I support his view with his use of irony. Moses seems to be satisfied with his life because he knows it could have been much worse. Although Junior worries about what the future might hold, he enjoys the small pleasures he has in the present.
Junior 's mother desires that he would write happier stories about Indians in general.This is due to the fact that everything was taken away from them as Indians. Although this happened they still overcome many day to day challenges. She tells her son
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