The Use Of Language In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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When writing, Steinbeck truly embodies the language. Staying true to the roots of the working class and made sure we see the true form through the powerless rather than the powerful. “The attacks against him worsened after The Grapes of Wrath. In Salinas and Oklahoma—home to the working people he championed in that great novel—upstanding citizens bought the book in great numbers, piled them up and built bonfires. Priests called John Steinbeck a pornographer and politicians called him a Communist” (Johnson, America 's). No matter the controversy surrounding it, Steinbeck 's books are still amongst us, this is a true accomplishment. No matter how much pressure and hatred that was directed towards Steinbeck, he still didn’t step down from focusing on his goal. “Of Mice and Men has been challenged and/or banned since the 1950s mainly due to the promotion of euthanasia, racial slurs, being anti- business, and containing offensive language, according to the American Library Association. Steinbeck’s book, though found to be offensive over the years, remains a constant within the literature curriculum in high schools along with other of the author’s books”(Examiner,Steinbeck 's Controversial). He used the language of the underdogs not the…show more content…
Personally, I think Of Mice and Men is a novel that should be read by everyone because it is genuine and compassionate novel that takes interest in the lives of workers during the Depression Era. Not only does it highlight the power and powerlessness of the workers but also their humanity. The novel revealed what made the workers like everyone else and what made them different. There were, and still are, many controversies surrounding Steinbeck 's works, but what is more interesting and entertaining then a good controversy to participate in. We should use Steinbeck 's novels as a reminders of power play that takes place in our day to day life. It should remind us that no matter how powerful we are in one way we
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