The Use Of Love In The Miracle Worker By Helen Keller

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Love. Love is one beautiful way people use to identify one’s fondness. However, people do not always perceive one’s affection as “love.” There are different ways love can be expressed, yet individuals tend to portray their affection excessively unaware of the aggressive manners presented during the process. This superficial aspect causes people to misinterpret one’s fondness as loathing although the actions deep inside provide an insight into genuine love. The miscommunication further develops people’s relationships divergent from the original intent of the actions, arousing disputes. In William Gibson’s play based on Helen Keller’s life, The Miracle Worker, the characters also struggle with similar relationship conflicts concerning the idea of visible love. The intense interactions between characters illustrate possible hostility, but in fact, convey one character’s sincere endearment to another with love mistakenly translated. In other words, when simply evaluating the exteriors, Gibson’s dramatic techniques portray the treatment of love as hatred, but when explored internally, it’s in-depth essence is revealed.…show more content…
In the play, Annie teaches Helen mercilessly. For instance, Annie’s hand “leaps at once in a forceful slap across Helen’s cheek” (59) during the breakfast scene when Helen created a mess on the table. The gesture of slapping Helen describes the ruthless ways Annie practices in order to discipline and educate Helen. The pitiless attitudes encourage Helen to further resist against Annie, which engendered frequent relationship problems. Thus visual aspects of the reckless quarrels between the two are discerned as extreme loathing against each

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