The Use Of Metaphors In Emily Dickinson's Poems

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Poems are not always literal, in fact statistics show that metaphors and similes are the most used literary terms in poems. In Emily Dickinson’s poem she states, “Before I got my eye put out I liked as well to see as other creatures that have eyes and know no other way. Emily Dickinson didn’t literally get her eye put out but uses it as a metaphor to show that she can longer see things the way they are. She states “The Meadows-mine the Mountains- mine” stating that she owns the mountains which obviously is not true. Of course she states, “so safer- guess- with just my soul Upon the windows pane-“not with literal meaning.

Emily Dickinson uses more than one literary device in all of her poems. She used multiple literary devices that prove her point as a poet. She states in her poem” I tell you that my Heart would split for size
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Emily Dickinson does not use rhyme scene in this poem. I think she did not use rhyme scheme because it would have taken the feeling that she wanted to give the readers away and make the poem more into a joke than a form of art.
Dickinson states in her poem in the very last line, “Where creatures put their eyes Incautious” the reasoning for this poem in my point of view is she does not see thinks like she used to see them. She compares animals to walking blindly and using their instincts.

In conclusion for Emily Dickinson’s poem, the metaphors, personifications, alliterations, other literary devices she uses make the contrast of her work fascinating to the eye and the mind. Truly a great poet, who has wrote many more complex and sophisticated poems has goes out of her way every time to create an artwork. Emily’s talent is shown throughout this poem and many of her other pieces, and hopefully many many more pieces to
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