The Use Of Myth In Ulysses By Lord Alfred Tennyson

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Lord Alfred Tennyson, one of the most representative poets of the Victorian Literature from England is known nowadays for best describing the dilemma of his times, and also for including the Greek and Roman myths and legends in his poetry. Not only was he concerned with his public role as a poet , but he also struggled with the notion of art for art’s sake, at times propagating that art should have no purpose, while on other occasions claiming that art should be socially and morally committed. First published in 1842, “Ulysses” it is considered to be the reason why Sir Robert Peel gave Tennyson his annuity. Belonging to the period when he begun to write his “English Idyls”, the poem was written in 1833 after his closest friend, Arthur Henry Hallam, died. The author declared about his work that “There is more about myself in Ulysses, which was written under the sense of loss and that all had gone by, but that still life must be fought out to the end” .
The aim of this paper is to examine the use of myth in Ulysses which have been narrated through all ages the character becoming a source of inspiration and how Alfred Tennyson expresses universal philosophies through his characters’ discourses. In this way, we can admit that in his works can be found philosophy and poetry simultaneously.
First of all, it can be remarked that the author introduced the past in all his works from teenage, his main source of inspiration being the Greek and Roman ancient worlds. From the

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