The Use Of Point Of View In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, Raymond Carver use point of view effectively and demonstrates symbolism. The story begins with the blind man. He is visiting an old friend and her husband after his wife recently died. The story is told from the husband’s point of view. The story being told from the husband’s point of view is important. The husband’s point of view allows the reader to understand the character the husband is. The husband says rude things about the blind man. He makes it clear he is not excited to meet the blind man. The husband dislikes the blind man early in the story. The most important moment of symbolism, is when the husband and the blind man draw the cathedral together. This moment symbolizes the beauty of the Cathedral, and the effect it has on people who experienced the Cathedral in real life. Drawing the Cathedral for the blind man changes the husband point of view on everything. He no longer thinks the blind man is worthless. At that moment, he relates with the blind man and finally understands the struggles the blind man goes through. Before drawing the Cathedral, the husband would waste his time…show more content…
The husband’s point of view was effectively used throughout the whole story. His point of view shows the reader his ideas before meeting the blind man and his ideas after meeting the blind man. The husband’s feelings and ideas completely change about the blind man at the end of the story. Raymond Carver demonstrates symbolism, after the husband and blind man finish drawing the Cathedral and the husband says, “My eyes were still closed. I was in my house. I knew that. But I didn’t feel like I was inside anything.”. This most likely symbolizes the husband is experiencing something spiritual. The writer uses the Cathedral in the story to symbolizes spiritual and beauty. After drawing the Cathedral, it forms a bond between the husband and blind
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