The Use Of Propaganda In George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'

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Animal Farm Final Writing Assignment P− Examine the role propaganda plays in the novel. Prove that the rebellion would not have succeeded without the use of propaganda. Use a minimum of two supporting examples. In the novel, the pigs use propaganda to slowly ease the other animals into the society that the pigs want to create. Propaganda is usually some type of misleading information that is used to promote a certain political view or idea. One crucial part of the propaganda is when the pigs trained the sheep to bleat “Four legs good, two legs bad!” (34 Orwell) at moments when the animals were uneasy about the rules that the pigs were creating. For example, when Napoleon announced that they would begin to engage in trade with other farms…show more content…
For example, before the dogs first had a major role in the story by chasing Snowball away, none of the animals ever felt too troubled or scared about any resolutions they passed. Now, since Napoleon has his own intelligence combined with the strength of the dogs, he can force the animals to do anything− no matter how awful they might think it is, since they no longer have enough power against him. One specific event that would happen as a result of this would be that Snowball would not have gotten chased out of the farm. Unlike Napoleon, he seemed to actually care about Old Major’s ideas, and he truly wanted Animal Farm to prosper. This would have meant that the pigs would not have become like men, so humans could either have forgotten about Animal Farm, or they might have been able to successfully recapture it from the animals, so they would have at least had another chance at freedom if the corrupt pigs had not gained so much of the strength that the moral animals lost. Another possible effect that relates to the first example is that if Jessie and Bluebell had raised their own puppies, the animals with good intentions would have had extra power on their side, and they could be useful for fighting humans, but also for keeping the pigs from gaining too much power. This quote, I would say, marks the turning point of the story, and Animal Farm would have had a chance to survive had this event not
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