The Use Of Social Media In Singapore

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The number of users for using social media is on the rise due the revolution of mobile devices. Singaporeans are one of the most active social media consumers in the worlds. According to Kemp (2015), Singaporeans are spending almost 2.2 hours on all social media channels daily and 59% of population are active accessing their social network accounts via mobile. Singapore Polytechnic (2015) also states that there are 68.4% of 800 Singapore youths have had experience with cyberbullying which is one of the problem in social media. The most typical form of cyberbullying is harassment which repeatedly send cruel, vicious, and/or threatening messages.
Therefore, in this essay, I will discuss the problem of harassment that arise from the use of social media in Singapore, evaluate current solutions and suggest the possible solutions that can be implemented to address the problem at hand.
Harassment causes short-term or long-term effects on the victims as it affects their self-esteem and emotion whether it happened yesterday or years ago. According to Channel News Asia, there is an adult woman has changed her personal contact information to stop the harassment which she has endured it for two years but she still concerns about her security. The victims with emotional and psychological trauma can cause a greater tendency to harm themselves, having poor social adjustment even commit suicide. In 2011, a secondary school student committed suicide due to the accusation of being a “loose
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