The Use Of Solar Energy

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Nowadays solar energy is one of the most important sources amongst all sources of energy on the earth. This long lasting energy can be utilizes as a part of numerous perspective such as warmth and food. additionally, people can use sun`s energy indifferent ways, like remnant fuel which stored sun energy for millions years is a good delineation for this subject which can be used to produce electricity in the generators. Beyond that solar energy is clean and can generate power electricity without making surrounding pollution.

In order to decrease the utilization of non-renewable energies to provide largeamount energy, one of the least complex methods to use the energy of sun is photovoltaic panels. Photovoltaic technologies must be sufficiently enhancing that can bemanufactured in huge scale, inexpensive and most noteworthy proficiency.There is a growing need for energy in the world and since the traditional energy sources based on the fossil fuels are limited and will be exhausted in future, PV solar energy is considered a promising energy source candidate. Large-scale application of PV solar energy will also contribute to the diversification of energy sources resulting in more equal distribution of energy sources in the world.

The first practical use of solar cells was the generation of electricity on the orbiting satellite Vanguard 1 in 1958. These first solar cells were made from single crystal silicon wafers and had efficiency of 6 % [12]. The space application was for

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