The Use Of Suspense In Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

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Alfred Hitchcock is remembered as the "master of suspense", most notably in one of his cinemas, "Psycho".Hitchcock used a variety of sensory details, to shock moreover frighten his audience.Three sensory details that he used, is when we notice a cop following Marion, we see that Norman is stalking Marion, and when a shadowy figure shows up while Marion is taking a shower. The first sensory detail that creates suspense is when we see the cop following Marion.We believe that the cop recognizes something is up furthermore, is going to assert Marion for stealing the money.Marion also sees the cop's vehicle in the rear-view mirror of her automobile.She feels nervous as she watches him following her.When Marion feels nervous, we also feel bothered because she understands that she might get caught. The…show more content…
Alfred Hitchcock successfully performs suspense and shock in a number of ways.One way was when he reveals that the cop is following her, making us think that he found out concerning the money she stole.Another way is when we see Norman staring through the hole, examining her as if he is waiting to make his move.The last technique that Hitchcock constructed suspense is when we identify a shadowy character gazing at her take a shower, making us wonder who it could
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