The Use Of Technology In The Novel The Andromeda Strain?

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Since the beginning of time humans have been inventing and enhancing technology. Over time technology has become very powerful. In the novel The Andromeda Strain, Michael Crichton 's career and life in the 1960s allowed him to develop the idea that the technology today has become so enhanced. Since the technology has become so advanced, when something goes wrong with it, we do not know what to do to fix it.
The reader must know a thing or two about Michael Crichton 's life in order to understand how it influenced the novel, The Andromeda Strain. Michael Crichton was born on October 23, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois (“Michael,” Encyclopedia). As a child Crichton was surrounded by literature: “Crichton 's father was a journalist and his mom often took her children to plays, movies and museums” (“Michael,” Encyclopedia). Although, “Crichton was often ill as a child, which led him to spend more time indoors playing with electric trains and performing amateur scientific experiments” (“Michael,” Encyclopedia). He would then go on to graduate from Harvard with his medical degree (“Michael,” Biography). After completing college, Crichton would become “one of the most popular writers in the world” (“Michael,” Biography).
His first published work, The Andromeda Strain, began Crichton 's legacy as a writer. Crichton published this work when he was still attending medical school at Harvard (“Michael.” Biography). The Andromeda Strain is about how an American space satellite re-enters
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