The Use Of Technology In The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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Technology is increasing used by people during these years of development. The attention among the crowd is now concentrated on the use of technology. According to Ray Bradbury’s “the Veldt,” Happyhome is the name of the technology, everything in the technology is controlled and managed by people’s thoughts. Since the Veldt was created by two characters in the story, the use of technology was banned by their parents. However, once children were begging their parents for using Happyhome one more time, these two children tricked their parents and killed them by utilizing Happyhome. The concerning within the society due to the use of technology is extended. More and more people begin to ask through the social media regardless the positive side and negative side of technology. However, since people’s idea has been modernized, technology is deployed more frequently than ever. More and more service is becoming more technological in order to meet the criteria of personalization. The production cost is decreased while more and more companies are giving chances to gain technology. Also, technology helps and brings people more like a community. Above all, peoples’ extent of well-being will not be satisfied at the peak without the involvement of technology. For instance, people are individual units. Today, lots of things like “Fox mail,” “e-business,” “iCloud,” are used personally on the internet. With the improvement of the world, the requirements of normal TV shows are becoming
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