The Use Of Technology On Education

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As society continues to grow, Technology has followed and expanded each and every year. Technology offers a variety of benefits, but has been linked to lower our attention span since we rely more on it everyday which can directly influence our intelligence. One area that our intelligence is needed the most is the classroom, which continues to challenge the use of technology. Although some classrooms promote the use of technology, many continue to require the use pen and paper to take notes. The technology we have today allows us to do everything we can do on paper, as well as offering benefits such as easier collaboration with peers and professors and providing an efficient way to conduct research. Technology has also influenced education by offering services such as online schooling for children and adults who are unable to attend public or private schools. The use of technology has and will continue to be challenged in the classroom despite all the benefits, since it causes lower test scores and creates distractions. Whether or not students are allowed to use technology in class is usually decided by the professor, not the school. I believe this occurs since some classes favor technology over others, however this should not prohibit the school from implementing a policy to limit technology as it leads towards more distractions and lower test scores. “The results from our randomised experiment suggest that computer devices have a substantial negative effect on academic
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