The Usual Suspects: Movie Analysis

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The movie “The Usual Suspects” was really tense and thrilling film, and the Philosophy position deals with the puzzling of the mind. At the beginning of the movie, a character named Dean Keaton is introduced, and he was completely injured from the incident from the ship dock. He met and was challenged by an odd person who he calls himself Keyser, who was shot and set on fire in the ship. There are only two survivors from the ship fire. One of the survivors is a Hungarian gangster named Arkosh Kovash and a con artist named Roger or Verbal Kint with cerebral palsy. The agent by the name of Dave Kujan flew in from New York to investigate Verbal Kint. He was telling his side of the story about the ship fire incident and the agent discovers the…show more content…
The ship was destroyed and was not able to transport the cocaine. Kujan learns more about Soze from a fellow FBI agent by the name of Jack Baer that Verbal tells agent Kujan an underworld formidable legend about Soze’s dark past. Verbal also added an extra detail about how Fenster had left the group and Kobayashi had given a location of the dead of Compatriot’s corpse. The fellow criminals want to kill Kobayashi, but he threatens their loved ones if they do not do what he said. They go to the ship and kill other gangsters of two different groups. They find out later that the ship does not have what they are looking for. The fellow men, Hockney, and the others are locked on the ship and killed by an unknown person set the ship on fire, and Verbal was the witness. Kujan does not believe him, and he believes that Keaton was Soze, and the other drug dealer was Arturo Marquez. Kujan also told Verbal that Finneran had been murdered and Verbal said that the whole plan was Keaton idea, but refused to mention this in court. Verbal was released. Kujan realized that Verbal had lied about the whole thing. Kujan had noticed that Verbal has given him the names of the suspects from the wall behind
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