The Utopian Society In Lois Lowry's The Giver

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Let’s just take a moment to imagine no color,no feeling,no memories of anyone or anything outside of your town,and no freedom to choose what you want to do. “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is all those things I just described and so much more. It’s a utopian society with a deeper reality than said. Our society and “The Givers” society are almost completely reversed , yet they have some run of the mill similarities.

Don’t be startled by what I am about to inform you about…. In “The Giver” they cannot see color and they have no clue whatsoever what color is. Pretty shocking am I right? That’s not all in this society,there are many things that may seem strange or challenging in this society but for now let’s stick to this one peculiar topic of seeing no color. I see the bright blue sky when I wake up in the morning or the colorful Brooklyn
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“The Giver’s” society are polar opposites, but there’s somethings that we have in common. For example in our society children get a “comfort object”. In “The Giver” Gabriel’s comfort object is a Hippo as said on page 21 by Jonas’s father “Father glanced at it ‘Hippo’ he said. Lilly giggled at the strange word ‘Hippo’ she repeated,and put down the comfort object”. Some children in our society have a comfort animal they got a birth or when they were very young. In the book “The Giver” children get their comfort animal taken from them at the age of eight and is giving to another newchild. In the story Lily aka Lily Billy has a elephant, on page 18/19 it stated that “ But father had already gone to the shelf and taken down the stuffed elephant which was kept there. Many of the comfort objects, like Lily’s, were soft, stuffed, imaginary creatures, Jonas’s had been called a bear.”. Many children around the world have dolls,stuffed animals, a blankie, or a favorite pillow. They come in different shapes,sizes, and colors! No wonder children love them so

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