The Valley Of Broken Heart Analysis

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Life is something that requires a significant amount of physical and mental effort. Some are deeply fortunate to have everything arranged for them and not have a single worry. For others, life is full of stress and hardships. It all just depends on how one was raised and brought into this world. Out of the Rick Bragg articles, the characters went through grief and heartache, government involvement, and the absence of life’s given moments. In our lives there will always be grieving in some type of form, in “ The Valley of Broken Hearts” Mrs. Joe lost her husband 13 years ago due to lung cancer. In “ New Development Stirs Old Case” the wife of Mr. Renfroe was strangled and found dead on his kitchen floor. Lastly in “French Quarter’s Black Tapping Feet” Rose suffered a great loss the loss of a parent. In every article, each individual had one thing in common they all had a heartache that dealt with death. Death is something that is unpredictable. Our government is typically a well established one, but throughout these articles, government involvement seemed to only…show more content…
In “ The Valley of Broken Hearts” Little Joe missed out on accompanying his wife to gatherings because she can not find a way to go without being sad. She needed him to cope with her sadness and the very sad history that was in town. In “ New Development Stirs Old Case” Renfroe needed his wife to see what he was willing to do to prove his innocence and that he loved his wife dearly. Lastly “ French Quarters Black Tapping Feet” Rose missed out on a lot during her childhood because all she thought about was a way to bring food to the table. Each character in the articles missed out on life given moments but those moments either made the characters stronger or it made a change in their

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