The Value Of Army Values Essay

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I have been in the military for a little over 15 years. Throughout my career, I have learned from every single leader over me and subordinate under me. Some I have learned positives, while others the opposite. My leadership philosophy is to live the Army Values and use them in everything I do, and not make anyone do something I am not willing to do myself.
It was easy for me to get accustomed to the Army Values, because my mother raised me with those values. As I grew in my Military career, I realized that integrity is my top value because it ca be incorporated into all other values. When others see me doing the right thing even when I think no one is watching, it encourages them to follow. When I have integrity in my work, I know I am showing my duty, and even respect in my work and myself. This belief is helpful when counseling subordinates for doing something wrong and not hearing “but you do it too Sergeant”. One of my supervisors had me establish a “toolbox” and asked me to add positive and negative attributes of former leaders. As I developed my toolbox, I remembered how I felt as a young Soldier and how the actions of my leaders impacted me.
One of my fondest memories was as a Master Fitness Administrator. My supervisor and I
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I understand not everyone learns the same and everyone has their own way of doing things. I do hold everyone to the same standard, but I am open to different views, ideas, and ways of making the section better. I expect loyalty and dedication from others, but show them I am willing to do it too. Although I may be the voice of a section, I am not the only voice. I expect if issues arise, that I am made aware first, instead of hearing it from my superiors or subordinates. I also expect my superiors to have my back and trust
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