Essay On The Value Of Education

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Name: Maseko Betty
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WVOS 221

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
Every girl and boy has the right to a good education, but millions of children and young people miss out. Education isn’t just about finding a job. When one is educated one is more likely to be aware of his/her rights, and better able to make sure that those rights are respected. Education gives people choices and the confidence to take advantage of those choices. Education is important not just for the individual, but also for members of the individual’s community. Lot of people out there are living devastating lives because of been ignorant to education. Numerous of them especially the youth, end up in poverty and then began to steal from others, living the life that leads to darkness, no future and to jail, as a result of not getting adequate and sometimes not-at-all education. Education is central to development and to the improvement of the lives
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2.1 The value of education
Education gives you the intellectual freedom. The main value of education is to improve how students view, exist in and participate in the world. It helps students to become better members of the society by teaching students’ morals, ethics and the societal responsibility. Without education students would be unable to understand the world they live in. According to my worldview education is important because it makes you self-independent and helps you to keep up with the world.
2.2 Reasons why they should be educated:
A job is a benefit for an educated person. If you are educated you have a chance of having a good and high paying job. There more educated you are, the better the career options you have. It enables you to have a meaningful conversation. Education will better the standards of living of a person. It enables you to be aware of what is happening around you. It helps you to have wisdom and maturity and alerts you that education is the light of your
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