Starry Night Tok Analysis

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“Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.” Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge.

The controversy of the above claim may enter when discussing the notion of the “application” and “value” of knowledge, as the subjectivity of these ideologies interferes with the way humans collectively perceive the commonality between the two. Value in humanity can be thought of as the concept of an ideas abstract worth, gained through ways of knowing, and is regardless of the objects tangibility; the extent to which one believes something is important through its personal application. Application may be defined as the ability and necessity to utilize knowledge in the material world surrounding the
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Using sense perception as a way of knowing in its observation, and emotion to transfer and perceive Vincent Van Gogh’s perception of the “Starry Night over the Rhone”, a multitude of feelings were conveyed to me, physically portraying the mystery and grandeur of the universe. Despite seeing the night sky along a river many times in my life, the painting altered my perspective of the space beyond our surroundings by emphasizing how vast and unimaginably spectacular it is through a simple change of its visual qualities, done by its unique artistic style. In result, I was driven to study astronomy against my alternative intent of engineering, as it arose and strengthened the feelings I felt towards the subject. The possible influences of art are reflected in this, showing the potential to initiate changes driven towards a particular culture in a collective society, such as my strengthened curiosity in the stars. The importance of such changes can be crucial to the furthering of human sustainability, as they usher new eras of discovery and self-understanding in contrast to retaining a fixed perspective that may cloud the ability to attain certain…show more content…
The play allowed the transmittance of a social movement through conveying the emotional and logical retrospective analysis of the cruelty befallen on women from these ideas, providing a completely new perspective to society. The theatrical work of art caused a surge of rights activism, such as George Orwell’s 1984, initiating the start of cultural calibration to present day society where equality is sought so profoundly. The use of art in this context allowed the de-escalation of gender bias, contributing towards women’s expanded freedom and therefore showing the possible necessity and value of the arts despite the lack of physical application in the
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