The Value Of Life In Ozymandias By Amanda Ripley

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Even today, The question that does not have one clear answer is, “What is the value of life”. To some, one’s life might be measured in money, while to others, ones life might be measured in how much good they have brought into this world. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, he contemplates dealing with the meaning of life and death, and the perception of man itself. In Chris Jones interview with John Ebert, we see Ebert’s positively about what life is all about, even when there is struggle. Amanda Ripley’s article conveys a message about the problems with life being valued by dollars and cents, when the question is, “Should this be done?”. In the poem Ozymandias, the author, Percy Bysshe, illustrates how the value of life in the beginning is filled with power to oneself, but at the end, then what? All of these works, whether written 400 hundred years ago (Hamlet), or within the last year poses the same question, “What brings value to one’s life?”.To me, the things which gives my life meaning is having an understanding in perception, striving for challenge and pursuing competition, having good character, and supporting my family. What gives my life meaning is having an understanding in perception, and to be open minded in any situation. In today’s world, people only see through a small box, and not the bigger picture. One example of perception and how it can change one’s view in the world is from Hamlet, by Shakespeare. It’s when Hamlet says, “There is nothing either good or bad,
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