The Value Of Marriage In The Modern Family

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Marriage is an important mechanism to maintain the family and marriage also is a cultural prevalent in society. It is the affection of communicate by men and women. There is a mutual commitment and intimacy combination with the relationship. They feel the love is sweet; even it also has the responsibility. They will take care their children after the marriage. This is the family. Marriage and family system has functional changed after the impact of the post-modern sociality. Many family problems also occur. For example, the responsibility of elderly care or child care are gradually become an impossible task in a modern family. People accelerate of the pace in the modern society. The functions or problems of marriage and family become more diverse. The value of families’ relationship (marriage and marital relations) is also different from the traditional society. Thus, everything is holding the “fast food doctrine”; even it is the value of marriage. They are eagerly to enjoy the intimacy with marriage, but they are not willing to respond the relative commitment in the marriage. The value of marriage is changed, so that the rate of divorce is rising in recent years with the change. In this study, there will use the theory and case study to analysis and compare, the change of marriage that how to influence the value of families in the global age.
Marriage and Families
Marriage is a new social unit starts to evolve and two formerly separate personal networks become intertwined

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