The Value Of Middle Class Ambition

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Middle class values are writers and politicians that include qualities such as tough work, self-discipline, honesty aspiration, and ambition. For instance, while we are little children we are mostly honest with our parents when we sort out something we should not do such as hit our siblings or taking a cookie when our parents tell us not to. Some people discipline themselves when they upset themselves this is called self-discipline moreover to we ensure it when we see to something wrong or say something unwise we put ourselves down plus self-discipline ourselves. We all have ambitions such as getting worthy grades, or we say that we are successful to achieve a certain goal for the year that is called ambition. Today middle class values are similar we set ambitions such as getting superior grades or losing weight this is similar to a new year resolution we set things that we try to achieve which is ambition.…show more content…
Whenever we sort out something that is not right, we tend to put ourselves down plus we self-discipline ourselves. Furthermore, these qualities are different for the reason that in today’s society we always understand others photos longsighted that our ambitions are not the same as theirs so we may change it. Today the middle class values are not much of a priority as they were before we were
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