Reflective Essay: The Value Of My Family

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In regard to family and family support, it is often though that family are people who share the same kinship with you. Although this is true in a dictionary sense, family can be otherwise. I am not that particularly close to my family, but I value and respect the ones that I admire or find some admirable qualities in them.

To me, family is what you define them as. Family can be friends, animals or even nature. It is not uncommon to consider nature our family. I do. I try to respect the environment as it provides substances for me that are necessary to keep my alive (although against my will at times). In some situations, family has come through for me but then family have done the opposite.

As humans, depending on people is in our nature.
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We enjoy them because they may make us happy and give us something to look forward too. My hobbies include lounging around and doing creative activities. I like them and I think I’m pretty good at them. If it makes you happy then do it. (As long as it is legal and doesn’t put anyone in harm). People, including myself, will often neglect these special activities for fear of being criticized or considered strange by others.

Journaling has helped me tremendously over the past few years. When I was 18, I restarted journaling and haven’t completely stopped since. I’ve come to learn that I express myself better in writing than verbally. I can expand on ideas and daydreams much greater in depth while writing.
Journaling is my outlet, therapist, confidant, best friend, supporter, and sometimes enemy. I do think that everyone should start a journal either digital or traditional (notebook and pen). I have both as they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Keeping a journal has allowed me to reflect on present and past experiences and too see where I have grown or haven’t...yet. I get to write down my observances and thoughts and write down my inner dialogues within my head. Without journaling, I would have probably gone crazy a long time
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