Environment Essay: The Environmental Value Of Biodiversity

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Values of biodiversity
Biodiversity is a gift that has been bestowed by nature upon all the inhabitants of this beautiful planet called Earth . The interdependence and inter linkage between all organisms of the ecosystem makes value of biodiversity indispensable in the life of humans and other organisms. Biodiversity provides twofold benefit to inhabitants of earth. Firstly, biodiversity is directly used as a source for food, fibre, fuel and other extractable resources. Secondly, biodiversity plays an important role in ecosystem processes providing the regulating, cultural and supporting services. For instance, vegetation cover protects the soil from erosion by binding soil particles and minimizing the effects of water run off and also replenishes its nutrients . Likewise, cultivation of crops is impossible in the absence of the insects that aid in pollination.
We the humans are so dependent upon biodiversity for our cultural, economic, and environmental well-being that it is beyond words to describe the importance it holds for us ,it is the basis of our existence and the very reason for our well- being. It is impossible to describe how deeply
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Environmental Value: The environmental value of biodiversity can be estimated by examining process occurring in each ecosystem and identifying the resulting services.
For instance, in wetlands the vegetation captures water- carried sediment and the soil organisms break down a range of nutrients and pollutants washed into the area. The above process provides the ecosystem service of purifying water. Wetlands are spawning and nursery grounds of some fishes and is a site of relief for animals tough times of drought. Forests regulate the amount of carbon dioxide in the air by releasing oxygen as a by-product during photosynthesis, and control rainfall and soil erosion. No ecosystem service is big or small, each service is equally important to sustain life of

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