The Values Of Education: The Role Of Women And Women

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I chose this topic because I believe that education is a powerful tool which helps individuals be aware of their rights, make the right decisions and to protect themselves from violence. It can break the cycle of oppression, abuse and poverty. Unfortunately, due to social and cultural factors, over 62 million girls between the ages of six and 15 from disadvantaged backgrounds are forced to abandon their education due to health issues or to provide support for the family . According to United Nations Entity for Gender Equality, more than one billion people around the world, the majority of them being women, live in unacceptable conditions of poverty, mostly in developing countries . Young teenage girls across the globe who do not attend school can be exposed to early marriage and childbearing but also may be vulnerable to violence and health issues.
It is important that every woman gets the opportunity to live a healthier and happier life. There are also many other benefits that education promotes. In my opinion, educated women are more likely to ensure that their children also receive education, decrease child marriage, decrease domestic and sexual violence and improve socio-economic growth. Add thesis statement Women who gain an education are working toward minimizing the gap to further the abilities of women around the world. An education often prevents young girls from being married off into a potentially limiting, harmful situation. Additionally, women with an education

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